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Health Hack: stick to your eating goals


- [Jane] Now fortoday's Health Hack.It can be hard to getmotivated to eat healthyand it can be evenharder to stick to it.The National Institutes ofHealth say eating healthyhas plenty of longterm benefits.

So here's three greattips to keep you on track.First, make a list ofattainable dietary goals.Start with one goalat a time and whenthat goal becomes a habit,move on to the next goal.That way, you won't becomeoverwhelmed or get off track.Second, pack your lunch.The Wellness Council ofAmerica says that way,you can plan outproper proportionsand make sure you're gettingsomething nutritious.And finally, reward yourselffor your small successeswith something other than food.

The National Institutesof Health saydoing something you enjoy can serveas positive reinforcementto help you stickto your healthy diet long-term.For more Health Hackshead to our website,livinghealthytv.com.

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