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Why I chose my major: Industrial & Systems Engineering


Industrial and systems engineering isthinking about things at a systemic level. So, you think about the big picturehow can you can optimize and make systems more efficient by reducingvariability or by doing some more analysis into how to improve thesystem's overall. 

I've always been a big picture thinker, and I've also always hadgreat organizational skills. So having both of those skills combined can reallyhelp you solve those problems of efficiency and work to understand thedata behind it in order to make those improvements with the system.I picked industrial systems engineering because it is a lot of applied math, andit also is a mixture of math and business. 

So, it allows you to combineengineering skills with skills of other majors to get a holistic view of abusiness. 

It's a lot of lecture, but we also get a lot of practice in groupprojects. So rather than having lab experiences like a lot of students we'llhave a lot more applicable projects to the real world. There are a lot ofinternship opportunities; anything from UPS to Medtronic to 3m or Best Buy. They allhave systems that need to be optimized  or plans that need to be improved. 

I hadthe opportunity to intern for CommScope in Shakopee Minnesota as a supply chainand manufacturing intern. I've also had an internship with Teleflex Medical where I'vebeen working to improve one of their lines on their manufacturing floor aswell. Improving quality of life is something that I'm really passionateabout, and I know using my engineering skills and industrial and systemsengineering will allow me to help optimize the quality of life for peoplearound the globe.

 One big problem that I dream of solving is the problem withinthe entire workforce of working 40 hours per week. How can we optimize people'stimes that they're at work, such that they don't have to work 40 hours a weekand they can have more of a life outside of work.

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