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Youth and today's society


Auditor: Yomna Elhaddad

This could be the next young man to make some very insightful words When he puts his mind in it.Please welcome my friend, Sherman Jackson.January 2007,She was arrested and tried as an adult at the age of 17.Which led to my arrest during this time,I was homeless, hooked, and ashamed of what I was And the things that I've been through.And now, this disgrace has deep roots in my mind so I felt it necessary Lying about my daily, personal, and experiences.Things a middle-aged child can say when he goes home.Are the things that I lied about:Whether it's my mom and she tells me to have a good day .Or my dad telling me that I can't go somewhere.I even had opportunities to excel in after-school programs,Like sports and theater.

I missed those opportunitiesFearing that people would care more about my life,And they make me do the lie that I was.Until they caught me and my life slowed down,I took drugs,The person I was pretending to have disappeared;She was left frightened and lonely child.During my stay at the Selmar Hall Juvenile Hall, I had the pleasure of meeting .Susan Coskona, Roberta Villa and Scott Bodnik:Three teachers, they are part of an organization called Inside OutRiders.It was during these writing classes that I not only learned.  Writing poetry, but I managed to be my own therapist.As you can see, Susan always pushed me to write about passion.This is the writing component that helped me solve Many issues in my life: past and present.People always tell me how to change, but the students.In Inside Out Reuters they told me.Once you become a member of this organization,I do not have to lie to my family or change to be accepted.You were as I am.

So, the experiences of my life, and those around me,Inspired me to write this piece entitled:"Young people in today's society."Imagine children's voices laughing and playing.Stories bragging in the creation of new sayings.Now you can go to the park or school naturally.Hear these sounds, but I'm here to tell you.I hear them every day on the prison grounds.This has become a harsh reality in today's society.We have managed to prioritize punishment rather than education.And this nation is the only one of its kind;But it seems a little appropriate that the Lady of Justice is blind.You do not see our youth, their sorrow and their struggle,But it is quick to know their mistakes and punish them forever.Just lock the door and throw the key away.Let them live a life full of starches and TV.Ignore what they can mean to our nation And broadcast its deficiencies on local news stations.In doing so, we have deliberated on the playgrounds of prison yards.And teachers for prison guards.

I was once one of the guys I'm talking about now,But even though I was thrown aside, I managed to transform my life.See, my life was like a warship, and I was ready to drown.My mind swirled with irregular thoughts, and I couldn't think.My life briefs flashed before my eyes.Now, I see and think of a way that made me approaching death to realize.Realizing that life is too short and precious to waste it.Now, I understand the saying, "Absence increases the heart and fondness."For me, it is the absence of life, the absence of children and a wife,Having the family you love and depend on,Having friends will not make you wrong.To be able to see the world in all its glory,Being able to get more than just a prison story.These are the things my heart yearns for.These are things on the other side of this prison door.my life? It is not where I want to be, but what is decided here, is up to me.My life will not be defined by the bad choices that I made or could make.I will be identified by my desire to be given more than I take.So, no matter how great my grief or struggle,I will always take the time to live, love and enjoy life.So, this is my invitation to anyone interested:Find a needy child Find a way to be there.When you call a child a child, you need to care about them,Don't call them an adult when they like you.Do not give up or throw them away Because this is what made me be here today.

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