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What can pregnant women eat to supplement iron?


What can pregnant women eat to supplement iron?What can pregnant women eat to supplement iron ?.Animal livers: Animals' internal organs are the food of choice for iron supplementation. Animal internal organs contain a variety of rich iron. Regular consumption can effectively achieve the effect of iron supplementation.

Every 100 grams of pig liver contains up to 25 milligrams of iron, and the iron in these foods is also easily digested and absorbed by the body.Pregnant women with anemia may wish to drink pig liver soup twice a week to promote the production of red blood cells.A variety of lean meat: The lean meat of various animals also contains a large amount of rich iron, so often eating more lean meat foods in daily life can also play a good role in iron and blood.Therefore, those who do not like to eat animal viscera can also supplement iron by eating lean meat in daily life.Egg yolk: Pregnant women with iron deficiency or anemia should also eat more egg yolks in daily life, because the iron in them is also very rich.Some studies have found that every 100 grams of egg yolk contains 7 milligrams of iron. Although the body's absorption rate is only 3%, the raw materials for eggs are easy to obtain and easy to eat and preserve.Therefore, in daily life, people with symptoms of anemia may wish to eat more eggs or egg yolk, in order to achieve a certain iron and blood effect.

Soybeans: Soybeans are one of the most common foods in the daily diet of Chinese residents, and research in Chinese medicine in China has found that regular consumption of soybeans also has a good iron supplementation effect.It was found in the research that the iron content in 100 grams of soybeans and soybean powder is as high as 11 mg, and the probability of being absorbed by the human body is 7%, which can be said to be higher than that of rice and noodles. .

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