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Shopping Challenge-Department of Chinese, Konkuk University


Hello everyone! !!Hello everyone! !!Now we have a special challenge!What kind of special challenge is it?Shopping ChallengeInteresting! I want to participate.Are there any rules?Within ten minutes, contestants had to buy as much as possible.That sounds too easy!We will give participants 25,000 IDR for each group.it is good. Contestants come over!Now we, one or twothreeone two Threeone two three!Now we are going to the H market by grabcar.Bye!Now we are in the H market!The shopping challenge has begun! !! !!Hello everyone! !!Now we are in the H market and want to buy something.The blueberry group should win! !! !!Right! Because we will save money.Where are we looking now?Let's buy food!what?Let's buy food first!food? it is good! move!Oh, there are so many things!Huh! !!what?come! come!You see! This thing is cheap, only IDR 1,600.how about it?Buy it! Buy it!Alas, this is also very cheap, that is two thousand shields.Alright! Alright! I bought the medicine!Now let's buy sanitary equipment! Guys! look! look!This food is cheap!Correct! Correct!It is IDR 1,700.Correct! Correct! Correct!

It is good! We have now found the food. Now we look for medicinefast! fast! fast!Eh!what? what?This is cheap soap, only two thousand shields.Buy it! Buy it!Alright! Now we are looking for food.Eh!what?We bought a total of 17,600 shields.Alright! How long do we have?do not worry! Let's find something special slowly!Correct! Time to find food!Alright!Alright!This medicine is cheap! It's Indonesian Rupiah!Look! look! This medicine is cheaper and is 2,000 IDR.look!Let's buy this!Hurry up! Hurry up!Alas, let's go now! Time is almost over.How long is it?what! Only three minutes left! !! !!Ten minutes is too short!But we buy more!Do you think we can win?Can you win?Win!Blueberry group, how many things did you buy?thirteenStrawberry group, how about you guys?Twelve thingsSo you win! !!You can take everything back!Thank you! !!

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