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How to solve the problem of inaccurate accounting of manufacturing costs


Modern science and technology are low volume injection molding more developed, and the establishment of a company is not as random as before. Especially for some medium and large manufacturing companies, cost control is a key part of the process. Therefore, it is necessary to use the cell phone software like SAP to help companies to carry out cost manipulation.

SAP cell phone software itself, noise cancelling earbuds although for manufacturing enterprises, has excellent operational answers. But a company, after the release of SAP mobile software. Usually, some technical reasons or other level reasons, resulting in the occurrence of problems. Here is a general analysis of the problems caused by the cost controller level under SAP system.

I. What to do if the conclusion job cost accounting software of the cost difference study is not accurate
The conclusion of the cost difference study is not accurate enough. Cost difference investment analysts are the key to manufacturing cost manipulation. As the manipulation is said, it is reflected in the established scheme, and the difference between the operational process.

If the two were identical during the period, there would be no need to conduct a cost variance analysis. Accurate cost variance analysis is built with accurate data information and programs. This means that the entire calculation and keying process must be based on information that is logical and error-free.

In the original SAP system software setup, the standardized cost method is used in the overall system software to budget costs and manipulate the specific costs incurred.
At the same time, the analysis is carried out for actual differences, all based on the complete cost method. After the product cost is created, a portion of the cost is accounted for in the cost core based on a certain equal share. The complete cost method, which accounts for the information in the production cost, is used. It is possible to better distinguish the product cost of the manufactured goods.

Moreover, such accurate cost data information can be used to set the product pricing strategy more rationally. According to such a method, it is possible to increase the ability to integrate products into price changes.

For this reason to improve, the final profitability of the company. A common problem for most machinery and equipment manufacturing companies. It is in the measurement of manufacturing costs and related costs, and did not choose the SAP system good ABC working cost method. That will lead to the location of part of the data information, immediately at the end of the month to carry forward costs into the cost of costs.