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What is the role of air purifiers air purifier role efficacy details

What is the role of air purifiers air purifier role efficacy details

Polluted air is becoming more and Nepia more serious, this environmental pollution to everyone's physical and mental health brought Wei Xie, the occurrence of air purification machine let us see hope, air purification machine can let everyone inhale to fresh air, that air purification machine is indeed good to use it? Next, we will look at the effectiveness of air purifiers.

Air purification machine is also google pay online shopping known as "air purifier", anion purifier, fume purifier, which means that you can suck, dissolve or convert a variety of air pollution sources (generally containing PM2.5, soot, bee pollen, odor, indoor formaldehyde and other household pollution, germs, allergens, etc.), and reasonably enhance the cleanliness of the gas goods , key divided into home use, commercial, industrial production, housing. Air purifier contains many different technicalities and substances that make it possible to give clean and safe gas to users. Common air filtration technologies are: suction technology, negative (positive) positive ion technology, catalytic reaction technology, nano photocatalyst, super structured light acidification technology, HEPA high efficiency filtration system, electrostatic induction dust collector technology, etc.; material technology keys are: photocatalyst to remove formaldehyde, activated carbon, artificial fiber, HEAP high efficiency raw materials, plasma generator, etc. The current air purification machine is mostly adopted as a composite, that is, at the same time the use of a variety of purification processing technology and raw material substances.

1. purify indoor air: negative air purifier for cat allergies oxygen ions make floating dust, smoke, bee pollen, droplet infection water droplets and floating biological and other gas soluble chemical substances to facilitate aggregation and sinking, and can play a chemical role with organic substances in the air and remove the odor that occurs, so have the ability to clean the air and improve the ecological environment.

2. bacteria removal: negative oxygen ion can be attached to the air in the floating dust on the fusion of germs, microbial strains of viral infections, etc., so that the reduction. Experimental studies have confirmed that negative oxygen ions on the gas microbial strains have a strong antagonistic effect, so that pathogens lose the ability to attack human cells, which in turn has the effect of reducing germs purifying indoor air.

3. Static electricity elimination: static electricity phenomenon is generally caused by positively charged positive ions, the air in the air negative ions will be fused with covalent bonds, with the effectiveness of static electricity elimination.

4. biological effect: experimental research and clinical observation shows that negative oxygen ions on the human body has various aspects of biological effects.
The above is the functional efficacy of the purifier that I have summarized for us, and I look forward to bringing us assistance to help the guys to know the air purifier better. The air purifier brings fresh air to everyone, everyone should install an air purifier, the family has the elderly and children should install an air purifier.

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