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Black technology: a quick understanding of 3D printing technology

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3D printing information technology, I'm sure we've all heard of it long ago, but still many people do not understand what it really is "ghost", let alone can know its use has developed so a wide

3D printing technology emerged in the mid-1990s and is actually the rapid manufacturing companieslatest additive manufacturing equipment using technologies such as light curing and paper lamination. The printer of this invention works basically the same as an ordinary printer, the printer is equipped with liquid or powder and other "printing materials", and connected to a computer, through the computer control layer by layer stack of "printing materials". Finally, the blueprint on the computer into a physical object. This printing technology is called 3D stereoscopic printing technology.

Compared to traditional flatbed printers, this span is very big! It is widely used:

Space Technology

At the end of September 2014, NASA is expected to complete China's first imaging telescope, all these components for basic information all can be developed and manufactured through 3D printing data technology.NASA also thus we become the first unit in China to try to design and manufacture the whole instrument by itself using 3D printing management technology. Whether this space telescope system is fully functional, its 50.8 mm camera makes rapid cnc prototypingit has the ability to put into the CubeSat (CubeSat, a microsatellite) among. It is understood that the outer tube, outer baffle and optical mirror frame of this space telescope all students as a separate structural issue led directly to the printing, only the mirror and lens have not yet been realized. The instrument will be carried out in 2015 to work vibration and thermal vacuum testing.

2. Medical field

3D printed skull

On August 28, 2014, 46-year-old Zhouzhi farmer Master Hu was building his own house when he fell from a 3-story building and smashed into a pile of wood, his left brain cap was shattered, and after surgery at the local People's Hospital, Master Hu learned that although his life was safe and undamaged, his left brain cap was sunken and he had become a "half-headed man" in the eyes of others. In addition to a face different from our normal people, the accident also injured Master Hu's vision and language to carry out the function. Doctors to help restore its corporate image, the use of 3D printing information technology can assist in teaching design system defective patient cranial shape, designed titanium metal mesh reconstruction tissue defective cranial orbital bone, the production of defective left "brain cover", the ultimate goal of achieving students left and right structural symmetry.

3. fine 3d printing underwear

3D printed underwear

Lausanne, Switzerland fashion design team used 3D printing technology to create imaginative lingerie tailored to customers. The designers use 3d printing pens to draw beautiful designs through a perfect combination of dots, circles and lines. The biggest difference between using 3d printing technology to create lingerie rapid 3d printingand the traditional apparel industry is that it allows designers to do their work as they wish without having to worry about traditional assembly line production. Every 3d printed lingerie is different and it suits the lingerie industry, lingerie should not only be beautiful but also fit well, 3d printed lingerie can be the perfect combination of these lingerie, this is the opportunity of 3d printing.

4. House construction

3D printed houses

In August 2014, 10 3D-printed buildings were used as office buildings for a local relocation project in Qingpu Park, Zhanjiang, Shanghai. The walls of these "printed" buildings were made of special "ink" made from construction waste, and the 10 huts were built in just 24 hours by spray painting layer after layer of large 3D printers according to computer-designed drawings and floor plans.

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