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Look over, avocado weight loss meal so nutritious and tempting!

Look over, avocado weight loss meal so nutritious and tempting!

Compared to other fruits, avocado is rich in nutrients but low in calories, can meet the body's nutrient supplementation, but also to achieve weight loss effect. Therefore, people have studied a lot of avocado weight loss, including a delicious avocado weight loss diet.

Avocado weight loss meal one, avocado spring rolls

Avocado spring rolls are simple to make, fresh taste, so people away from the summer heat. Avocado spring rolls need ingredients including shrimp, asparagus, colored peppers, spring roll skin and avocado pulp. Before making avocado spring rolls, cook the shrimp and asparagus, cut the shrimp in half, slice the avocado pulp, and slice the peppers for use. When making spring rolls, thaw the rolls slightly and roll the prepared shrimp, peppers, asparagus and avocado strips on the rolls from one side to the other, then fold and close them. At the same time, avocado spring rolls can also be dipped in vinaigrette, which will make avocado diet meal more delicious.

 avocado spring rolls

Avocado weight loss meal two, avocado baked eggs

If the ingredients at home is not much, but also want to lose weight, do an avocado baked eggs is a good snack meal or meal. Scoop out the avocado pulp in a bowl, and then add the egg yolk to it, while adding a little salt, pepper, stir it into the induction oven at 210 degrees for 3 minutes and then take it out to eat. If there is time, the egg whites can also be made into an omelet, and avocado baked eggs together, the taste is delicious.

 avocado baked eggs

Avocado weight loss meal three, avocado fried rice

Avocado is one of the few fruits that can be fried and eaten, and the avocado diet meal made with it tastes good. Preparation of avocado fried rice ingredients do not have a lot, cut avocado dice, fried eggs, shrimp and cold rice. After the oil in the pot, the shrimp, eggs together with fried and mashed, put in a bowl for use, stir-fry the rice and add avocado dice continue to stir-fry, while adding salt, pepper and other seasonings, wait for 9 mature eggs and shrimp into it and stir-fry a few times to get out of the pot.

avocado fried rice

These avocado weight loss recipes are good, and relatively simple to do, and delicious to eat, intended for weight loss friends can learn to start.