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Advancements in Wafer Polishing Machines: Precision, Automation, and Integration with Emerging Technologies

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Wafer polishing machine is a kind of mechanical production equipment with complex mechanism design and high precision requirements.wafer tester In terms of the polishing process itself, it is a kind of surface machining process that can effectively improve the roughness of the outer surface of the product with high dimensional requirements. With the development of the polishing process, the types of polishing machines are more and more, involving a wider and wider range of fields. And it is applicable to the semiconductor industry polishing equipment.

Wafer polishing machine as semiconductor wafer polishing equipped with the main advantages of new and practical, low economic cost, easy to realize. What is a wafer? It is a kind of integrated circuit board as well as the chip in the more common component wafer. Slicing, grinding and polishing are indispensable process steps for wafer molding. But the wafer size continues to get smaller, the technical requirements of polishing is also increasing, using traditional grinding and polishing methods, process demand is difficult to meet, wafer polishing equipment came into being.

Wafer polishing machine generally has a rotating head, pressure head, polishing pad, grinding table four main parts.wafer probe testing Pressure head and rotary head together to control the wafer, so that the wafer is not shifted in the polishing; polishing pads mainly take up the role of the wafer screen and polishing. With the increasing demand for chips, the demand for wafers has also reached a new height.

In order to meet the requirements of the wafer more flat, more polished, more smooth, wafer polishing machine is also moving towards higher precision, lower cost, flexible, intelligent automation in the direction of continuous development, and with the development of the Internet of things, big data, a lot of Internet technology will also be introduced into the polishing equipment,vibration isolation table for example, there are now some of the equipment on the introduction of the PLC control system, real-time monitoring system and data acquisition and analysis system, some are also improving the direction of remote control.