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Lin Jiaxin is really old. At 40, she looks like 60! It's a pity~


Lin Jiaxin is really old! Zeng Yan value no longer exists, 40 years old looks like 60! Make people sigh ~In the entertainment industry, it can be said that it is common to see female stars becoming younger and younger, but it is rare to say that they look older than the original, and Lin Jiaxin can be said to be a model.Wearing a floral coat with a shirt of the same style is obviously only forty years old, but it looks like he is sixty years old, which can be said to be very rare in the entertainment industry.

Can cause such an effect, her clothes can be said to be "contributory." Although the broken flowers give people a fresh and artistic feel, but if they are not worn well, they will feel old-fashioned.The loose style also looks a bit bloated for the whole person, so she looks like she has no star temperament when wearing it, and walking on the road is no different from passers-by.Regardless of clothes, just looking at Lin Jiaxin's face, men must doubt life. No wonder netizens would say: 40-year-old and 60-year-old face really has something to say.Lin Jiaxin in private seemed to be more in favor of the skirt, but the vision of picking the skirt was not very good. This red skirt looked as if it had no waist.Even though she was wearing thin black on her body, she didn't give a slim feeling. 

Fortunately, she chose high-waist pants, which could stretch her figure, or she would look more bloated.The handsome suit seemed to be more suitable for her, but the design of the sexy split skirt inside was a little weird, which made this set look a bit nondescript.This waistless skirt is simply a failure. At the same time, there is no waist at all. At the same time, Lin Jiaxin looks stronger than the two male stars around him.It is also a white skirt, which looks much better than the one above. The mid-length style looks very slender, and the lace-edge design adds a bit of beauty.

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